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Kentrical Solutions offers industrial, commercial and residential electrical installation services on contractor basis. Kentrical Solutions is based in Harare and specialises in all areas of electrical power technology and electronics and our electricians are fully qualified with skill and knowledge that experience can only give. We pride ourselves on quality, reliability, and convenient service. With us at Kentrical Solutions, you can expect expert professional electrical contractor services and competitive pricing at all time. We are about quality, reliable and convenient service. Call us NOW for enquiries on electrical installations and repairs.

Why choose Kentrical Solutions?


  • As enterpreneurs we have experience figuring out new ways to get things done. We believe there is a way to get your project done, it is just figuring out how. Kentrical Solutions has vast experience in electrical installations and repairs.
  • To us, it is not just work, we take pride in the solutions we deliver. We encourage each other achieve excellence in all endeavours and aren't satisfied until projects meet high standards.

About Kentrical Solutions

Our Vision Statement

To establish a standard and all round electrical contractor services company whose services and brand are not only in Harare but in Zimbabwe and eventually internationally.

Our Mission Statement

Kentrical Solutions’ mission is to be a recognized leader and preferred provider for our clients by delivering unequaled electrical contractor services through a highly qualified team of technicians with total commitment to integrity and excellence.

Our Services

This is your destination for top-notch electrical installations and repairs contractor service and our electricians are experts at doing excellent quality jobs. Below is a basic list of our services, please feel free to contact us and we will cater for all your needs.

1. CCTV Surveillance

KENTRICAL SOLUTIONS offers several different video surveillance options. Use of video has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years. Video surveillance not only adds an additional layer of protection, but can also lead to asset recovery. Our video surveillance systems offer remote viewing capabilities, with no static IP address required. If your business has multiple locations, our video surveillance systems offer one stop management and viewing. With our security monitoring and access control, we offer a complete security package to help protect your location. Here are some reasons to use video surveillance:

2. Security: Access Control and Alarm Systems

KENTRICAL SOLUTIONS access control systems can be either standalone or combined with a burglar and fire alarm system. Our access control systems offer codeless arming and disarming. Just wave your credentials over the keypad. Our access control systems offer reporting so you can know who, when, and where of unauthorized access.

KENTRICAL SOLUTIONS access control is expandable and can handle large locations and facilities. Here are some additional benefits of KENTRICAL SOLUTIONS access control:

3. Backup Power Solutions

A standard grid-tied solar electric system that KENTRICAL SOLUTIONS installs is designed to connect to the grid and reduce or eliminate power outages due to supply authority black outs, and stay connected during black outs at night time and rainy days. It is engineered, by regulation, to disconnect from the grid when there is a power outage in order to protect the line workers.
In order to select the best backup system for your home or business, we recommend a dual-step process. Firstly determine what you want to power in the event of a power outage. Second, evaluate the pros and cons of the main backup solutions that can provide the power you are looking for safety and reliability considerations.

4. Home Automation

KENTRICAL SOLUTIONS home automation services offer an all in one solution for your household. Life today is full and often needs to be about convenience: Use any telephone, anywhere, to control your home. You can activate security, get system status, check the temperature inside and outside, and/or turn on lights and appliances. Action Security will install a system that provides you with REAL convenience. Here are some of the features our home automation products offer:

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Neatly wired electrical panel

Neatly wired industrial, electrical panel.
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Solar system

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